The Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, has recently appointed a special
Haiti Advisory Group to bring into focus the unique perspective of Florida’s
large Haitian-American Diaspora community.  The 17 appointed members
represent a broad-based cross section of Florida’s Haitian Community and
others who have significant experience with Haiti.  The Advisory Group
has been specifically charged by the Governor to examine ways in which
Florida, and more generally the United States, can assist Haiti in its
current reconstruction efforts.

      Founding board member Amb. Ernest H. Preeg will present to the group’s first meeting in Coral Gables on October 4, 2004. Ambassador Preeg will draw from his recent paper, “Why Haiti Is Not a Failed Nation-State.” The paper was first read at the Haiti Democracy Project’s public meeting with Prime Minister Gerard Latortue in Washington in June, 2004. He will also draw from his scholarly book, The Haitian Dilemma, republished by the Haiti Democracy Project in July 2004.

Governor’s executive order establishing the commission (pdf file) | Membership of the commission