As the opening day of the criminal trials approaches, officials at the Civil Court of Port-au-Prince are working hard to make sure the hearings will be held on 16 August. According to lawyer Fritz Victor, the criminal trials are very important and must be held. The first case that will be heard is that of Louis Jodel Chamblain, who is accused of participation in the murder of Antoine Izmery. Joanis’s case will be heard during the same trial. “The most senior judge has set up a schedule for at least five cases, at least for one week of criminal trials. After the case of Chamblain and Joanis, there will be other cases.”

Joseph Lebrun, dean of the civil court of Port-au-Prince, says he is working hard for the success of the next criminal trials. He explains that “the criminal trials will begin at the Court of First Instance in Port-au-Prince on Monday 16 August and will last five days, that is, from Monday 16 August to Friday 20 August. As far as preparation is concerned, the list of jurors is ready. Last week, we met with all the jurors. It was an informational and motivational meeting. They are all ready to come and fulfil their civic duties here.” He says that he hopes the strike announced by the policemen will not take place because it might affect the trials. He adds, “we also hope that as far as security is concerned all players will assume their responsibilities so that the criminal trials can be a success”.