The officials of the Assembly of Progressive National Democrats (RDNP) will hold the party’s seventh national convention today and tomorrow. Several foreign personalities, including Benjamin Gilman, former chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, will attend this convention. The RDNP officials will use the opportunity to update the party’s statutes in order to modernize and readjust the “Change Life” programme, which was established 1987.

Party leader Leslie Manigat explains, “Theses are the instruments with which RDNP will prepare to exercise itself as a political party in Haiti. Therefore, we are going to actualize and modernize the party’s constitution and statutes in order to give it an opportunity to operate properly…. We are going to modernize the party’s government program.” Former Senator Myrlande Manigat says: “The RDNP is 25 years old. According to its statutes, it must hold a convention. We have not held a convention for a long time because the country’s situation did not allow it.”