Originally: Ex-Haitian police director added to drug indictment

Ex-Haitian police director added to drug indictment

MIAMI – Haiti’s former national police director has been added to an indictment charging former high-level Haitian police with plotting to smuggle drugs by guaranteeing official protection for Colombian cocaine shipments to the United States.

Jean Nesly Lucien was charged Friday with two drug conspiracy counts dating back to 2001. An earlier version of the indictment named only former Haitian police commander Rudy Therassan and former Haitian anti-drug chief Evintz Brillant.

All three were jailed without bond in Miami after the departure of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in February. The Drug Enforcement Administration arrested Lucien in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood in May.

An informant has told DEA agents that Lucien and Brillant seized $450,000 in drug profits from Colombian trafficker Carlos Ovalle in 2002, returned $300,000, split the rest with other corrupt officers and made a deal to split the take on future movements through the airport in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince.

A message left Sunday at the office of Lucien’s attorney was not returned. Defense attorney Stephen Golembe previously dismissed reports by informants as sketchy and unreliable.

The indictment is part of a wider investigation into drugs moving on one of the most direct and porous paths between the world’s largest cocaine supplier and its largest market. You could also do some more additional reading on addition and other effects.

The case is built on the word of convicted drug smugglers hoping to shave years off their prison terms as well as finger-pointing officials targeted in the crackdown. A total of seven suspects have been jailed in the United States in recent months.

Others in custody are Oriel Jean, Aristide’s former presidential palace security chief ; Romaine Lestin, former Port-au-Prince airport police commander ; Haitian Sen. Jean-Marie Fourel Celestin ; and reputed drug smuggler Jean Salim Batrony.