This committee is a product of the sectors which contributed to the fall of the Lavalas regime, because it is composed mainly of representatives of political parties of the former opposition, civil society, the private sector and members of the government executive branch. This committee has decided to play the role of watchdog in the political transition in light of the promises made by the head of the government. Micha Gaillard of the Democratic Convergence stresses that the success of the transition concerns everybody. Since the elections constitute a key element of this transition, it was necessary for the follow-up committee to intervene with the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) to help correct the situation. Gaillard says: “In order to have good elections the CEP must be able to function smoothly. So, this is the reason why we intervened to help the CEP resolve the internal crisis to facilitate the organization of good elections.” Gaillard adds: “CSATP will not interfere in all matters that are going on in the country. For instance, we will not interfere in the issue concerning the police who may go on strike. We will not interfere in a crisis that concerns students or teachers. CSATP is there to help make the political transition a success.”