Originally: Human rights activist calls for dissolution of electoral council

The National Coalition for Haitian Rights is in favour of all the members of the Provisional Electoral Council resigning in order to put an end to the crisis. The NCHR invites the sectors who sent representatives to the CEP to get together to choose other people to represent them. NCHR official Pierre Esperance spoke as follows:

The situation of conflict which is prevailing in the CEP is the source of a probable electoral crisis, which could be bigger than the electoral crisis in 2000 that led the country into the chaotic situation where it is now. The CEP issue should be taken very seriously because of the Creole saying, “It only takes a spark to set a fire.”

This CEP has discredited itself. It does not represent a guarantee for good elections to take place in the country. Besides, the Haitian people as a whole are in favour of good elections. For this reason, the NCHR is issuing a patriotic call to all members of the CEP to consider handing in their resignations as a solution to the crisis that has affected the electoral council.

We are also inviting all the institutions that sent representatives to the CEP to get together as soon as possible to find a better formula to replace their delegates, in order to prevent the country from undergoing another serious crisis of which the consequences cannot currently be predicted.