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Report on the signing early this morning of a pact by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) members to end to the crisis that prevailed within this institution.

Following several days of mediation efforts by the Follow-Up Committee on the April 4 agreement, the CEP members adopted a pact in order to advance the electoral process. CEP President Roselaure Julien reads the agreement, which includes a verbal nonaggression pact and the establishment of a press unit headed by an official spokesperson. Rosemond Pradel will serve as the provisional spokesman for the CEP after consultation with the council.


Radio Metropole reported:

CEP member Francois Benoit says that he feels relieved now that an agreement has been reached. The CEP treasurer announces the formation of other entities of the electoral apparatus once funds are available.

Micha Gaillard of the Follow-up Committee hails the agreement signed with the CEP. He underscores the willingness of the CEP members to make progress on the electoral process.

Dr Gerard Blot of the Follow-up Committee expresses satisfaction with the agreement reached with the CEP this morning. He urges the government to make funds available for the CEP.


An agreement was reached very early this morning between the members of the Provisional Electoral Council, to the satisfaction of all of the groups involved in the search for a solution to the crisis in the CEP.

The Political Transitional Agreement Follow-up Committee, CSATP, has managed to get the electoral council to reach this agreement. After more than 11 hours of discussions, the CEP members agreed to put an end to their disagreements, especially on sensitive issues related to the unilateral recruitment by CEP President Roselaure Julien, the internal regulations and the issue of a rotating presidency.

Under the mediation of the CSATP the members of the council have agreed to put an end to all verbal aggression. They have also decided to create a press unit. The CSATP and the CEP have asked the government to release the necessary funds to launch the electoral apparatus.

Wendell Theodore, who was present at the meeting, which lasted until 0200 [local time] today, reported on the tenor of the agreement, which is read by CEP President Julien. The CEP president read as follows:

The members of the CEP have met and have adopted, with the support of the CSATP, the following resolution:

a. A pact of verbal nonaggression.

b. A press unit, headed by an official spokesman, will be set up. Meanwhile, CEP member Rosemond Pradel will play the role of provisional spokesman for the CEP, after consultation with the council.

c. The holding of bi-weekly statutory meetings, followed by approved reports signed by all members present at the meeting, which should be filed for future use.

d. The internal regulations of May 30, 2001 are provisionally adopted until new internal regulations have been drawn up. The time limit set for this elaboration is August 30.

e. A seven-member independent commission, including three representatives from the follow-up committee, four from the CEP and two international experts, will be responsible for writing the new internal regulations of the institution. They will study the issue of a rotational council and the type of majority necessary for CEP approval.

f. The temporary nominations of staff for the central office of the CEP will be reconsidered. The temporary nominations will thus be reconsidered and the positions will also be opened to other candidates.

g. The CEP recruitment committee, with the help of the Follow-up Committee of the Agreement, will evaluate the records of the provisional employees, as well as those of the new candidates.

h. The electoral council will proceed to choose employees from among three names proposed for each post by the commission.

i. The CEP president and the president of the recruitment committee will jointly sign the nomination letters.

j. The government is asked to release immediately the funds necessary to launch the electoral process.

k. The CSATP will continue to accompany the CEP in its role of conciliation.