Originally: The Haitian Dilemma


                                                                     Amb. Ernest H. Preeg


  Published by Center for Strategic and International Studies, 1996. Copyright by CSIS.

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By the same author: Why Haiti Is Not a Failed State. Six building blocks provide hope for a success story. Ambassador Preeg presented this paper at a Haiti Democracy Project-sponsored panel with Haitian prime minister Gerard Latortue, Washington, June 10, 2004.

Ambassador Preeg is a founding board member of the Haiti Democracy Project. He held the Scholl Chair in International Business at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) from 1988 to 1998, was a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute in 1999-2000, and has been senior fellow in Trade and Productivity at the Manufacturers’ Alliance/MAPI since 2000. He was U.S. ambassador to Haiti during 1981-83.

At the Manufacturers’ Alliance, Ambassador Preeg has published U.S. Manufacturing: The Engine for Growth in a Global Economy, co-edited with Thomas J. Duesterberg (Praeger, 2003), and Free Trade in Manufactures: A Forward-Looking, Post-Cancun Trade Strategy (Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI, February 2004). His most recent MAPI brief is “The Threatened U.S. Competitive Lead in Advanced Technology Products.”

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