Thompson Charlenord, coordinator of the Association of the La Scierie Genocide Victims, AVIJES, accuses Prime Minister Latortue of trying to pressure the examining judge to downgrade Neptune’s arrest warrant into a summons. The AVIJES official gives details on the criminal actions that were perpetrated against the people of La Scierie. He says that they have sworn that they will not accept a fake trial for Neptune dictated by the international community. If Latortue thinks that he can tell the justice department what to do as the previous governments used to do, they in AVIJES will rise up to overthrow the government, the AVIJES coordinator adds.

Latortue reacts to this accusation by saying: “This is false. I have nothing to do with it….” He denies trying to interfere in judicial matters, explaining that he was just talking about the possible alternatives. Asked for details regarding Neptune’s case, Latortue replies: “This is not my job” and says that the journalist who asked him the question should ask the justice minister instead.