A new political party was launched on Saturday. The Haitian Democratic and Reforming Movement (MODEREH) is headed by former Lavalas Senators Pierre Sancon Prince and Dany Toussaint. The party’s slogan is SOS, meaning Security, Order, and Solidarity. Former Senator Toussaint wants to tackle the problem of insecurity in order to establish a peaceful climate favourable for investment in the country. Toussaint said, “We firmly believe in the rule of law, and this is the reason why we want to modernize the state to make it a state capable of guaranteeing to each citizen the fullness of his/her rights. We also believe in dialogue and respect for others. This will help us work to ensure political stability, and we will do so in an orderly manner.”

MODEREH secretary-general Pierre Sancon Prince plans to favour dialogue with all sectors of the country in order to strengthen Haiti’s emerging democracy. Prince says he favours generosity and tolerance for a new approach in the country’s politics. He speaks of the reinsertion of the former Lavalas scoundrels who supported the Aristide regime. Prince said, “They will not be called scoundrels anymore. They will come to the MODEREH school, which will teach them to practice politics intelligently and without violence. The party will not be used as a stepping-stone for people who want to take power. But it will organize the grassroots so that they can have access to health care, education, and health insurance. We will help facilitate access to microcredit and other activities that can help them live like human beings.” Our party, he said, will favour dialogue with the civil society for the welfare of the Haitian people.