Originally: U.S. Welcomes Pledges For Haiti s Reconstruction

Press Statement

Richard Boucher, Spokesman

Washington, DC

July 21, 2004


The United States extends its congratulations to the countries and

organizations that made the International Donors Conference on Haiti a

tremendous success. We are pleased to report that the participating donors

pledged a total of $1.085 billion to support Haiti’s interim government as it

rebuilds the country s infrastructure, remakes government institutions, and

prepares for national elections in 2005.

Due to an extraordinary multilateral effort, the pledges for Haiti’s

reconstruction and development exceeded by more than $161 million the amount

sought under the Haiti Interim Cooperation Framework, the joint government

and donor plan for the island nation’s development through September 2006. We

believe that the combination of donor pledges, private sector and diaspora

involvement, and the close monitoring of scarce resources, will result in

stability, effective governance, and a marked improvement in the lives of all



Released on July 21, 2004