Respondents to a man-in-the-street-interview conducted by Jacques Bourdeau expressed different opinions about the assessment of the Latortue government. Some believe that there is a big improvement in the country while others believe that nothing positive has been done. One person questioned said, “We are in the presence of a transitional government that does not have all the possibilities to do what it would like to do. But it has done quite a lot. I am a Haitian woman and because of all the efforts that this government has made I would not mind having Latortue as president of the country. For, he is an honest man.” Another person said, “I think that it is a positive assessment. People can see that we are in the presence of professionals. They just need more time. So, we need to be patient with them.” Bourdeau reports that although for a good number of people in Port-au-Prince the government has done a lot of positive things, others criticize the current government. They are against the fact that the authorities are very slow in solving the insecurity phenomenon and lowering the cost of living.

A former Lavalas deputy issues a call for all the sectors to join together to make the transition a success. Francky Exius expresses satisfaction with the assessment of the first hundred days of the interim government. The former representative of Torbeck and Chantal in the Les Cayes area encourages his colleagues in the Lavalas party to be realistic. Exius said, “We know that this government took office in a difficult situation. We must say that whoever was at the head of the government would not be able to satisfy all the needs of the nation just over a period of three months. But we expect to see a certain political stability and a fair judicial system because they had complained that the judicial system was not good under the previous government. So now we expect things to be better.”