The request for Neptune’s release is a scandalous and immoral act. A regional organization that pretends to be defending democracy and human rights cannot continue to show that it is in the service of the dictators, arsonists, murderers and criminals of the ousted regime. Given that it did not manage to deliver its cargo of weapons to Jean-Bertrand Aristide on time for the extermination of the Haitian people, Caricom prefers to display a revolting contempt for the La Scyrie massacre in Saint-Marc.

Q. Mr. De Ronceray, how do you interpret the fact that Caricom has refused so far to recognize the interim government?

A. Listen, during its recent summit, Caricom said it would not recognize the transition government unless some requirements were met. Among these requirements, it mentioned the sending to Haiti of a ministerial delegation to discuss the principle of Haiti’s return to Caricom. It has also demanded the disarmament of what it calls the rebels. Then, it speaks of setting a date for holding general elections. It has demanded the release of former prime minister Neptune.

Of all these conditions, only the first one pertains to good sense and sound diplomacy. The transition government is duty-bound to receive this ministerial delegation in accordance with our country’s tradition of hospitality. As for the date of the elections, it has referred Caricom to the Provisional Electoral Council  in charge of publishing the timetable of general elections due to take place in the year 2005.

Regarding the disarmament of the so-called rebels and Neptune’s release, we think these are statements that discredit Caricom and make it sound ridiculous.