In its desire to reconcile the nation, to reconcile Haitians with one another and to favour a spirit of tolerance, the government has contacted the churches so that together they can work out the possibility of organizing a national gathering which could be called, if you like, the states general of the nation, a national conference or national dialogue.

What is important is that all Haitians, regardless of their religion, political affiliation, ideological conviction, socioeconomic situation or the colour of their skins, may be able to get together to discuss and take decisions about the future of this country.

The particular circumstances in which this government took office, the document entitled consensus and political transition which we signed on 4 April, and especially our willingness to administer public affairs in a different way, all this has led us to maintain continuous relations with the representatives of political parties, civil society and the Council of Eminent Persons (CS). The government will continue to work closely with them and will soon confirm the institutionalization of the CS and provide the members with adequate resources which should be in accordance with the work that is expected of them.