June 18, 2004.


For immediate release:



The ?Caravan of Hope?


Meeting with the Haitian and the other communities of South Florida

June 25? 26, 2004


Directly from Haiti, the ?Caravan of Hope? is coming to South Florida on June 25-26, 2004 and moving on to Orlando on June 27. The ?Caravan of Hope? composed of 22 representatives of the Civil Society will stop in Miami on June 25th where its members will address the local Haitian Community during a Town Meeting on June 26th at 4:00 PM at Barry University, auditorium Africana Studies Program, (Room Inez Andreas Hall, on N. Miami Ave between 111th and 115th Street, directly across the parking lot).  The Haitian community, its leaders, the press and the Florida Community at large are invited.


?The Caravan of Hope?, started in Haiti in 2002 emanating from the ?Groupe 184? that today regroups more than 300 Haitian institutions from thirteen vital sectors of the Civil Society: rural sector, popular urban sector, private sector (trade, industry), socio-professionals? associations, unions, universities, religious sector, Media, environment, women movement, cultural sector, human rights and civic organizations.


This movement was triggered by the awakening of all the social components of the Haitian society aiming at obtaining a broad consensus and a strong commitment by all sectors to construct a new civic and social code. The civic code ?Contrat social? aims at establishing the framework and conditions of the basis on which Haitians WILL ENJOY BETTER LIVING CONDITIONS without exclusion.


Since 2002, the Caravan of Hope has been traveling throughout Haiti, presenting local organizations with this civic concept and compiling their suggestions for the betterment of the Haitian society. Subsequent to the events of the past few months, the movement has resumed its civic mission of fostering the building of the Nation for and by all of its children.


?The Caravan of Hope? is grateful for the key role that the Haitians living abroad are playing in the economy of the country and invites them to get involved collectively in the process of social change and development in Haiti. This civic action is non-partisan and aims only at the development of Haiti as a Nation.

This collective undertaking is crucial to rescue OUR Nation.


Three local representatives of the Haitian community will face the panelists at the meeting on June 26. Father Jean-Pierre of St-James Parish, Miami will give benedictions and Ed Losama, journalist, former director of Radio Carnivale and actual Director of radio Planet 17, will be the moderator.


Info: www.groupe184.org


Press contact: Charles-Henri Baker (011-509) 401-4868


For the ?Caravan of Hope?:


Original document signed by the following:


Coordinator: Andre Apaid Jr.

Activities Planner ?Social Contract? / Cultural Sector: Yanick Lahens:

Rural Sector: Frankel Jeanrisca

Civic organizations: Gary Denis

Religious Sector: Rev. Edouard Paultre

Unions: Patrick Numas

Private Sector: Charles Henri Baker

Popular Sector: Desillus Petit-Frere, Eric Galleus

Socio-professional Associations: Dr Georges Beauvoir / Maitre Gervais Charles

Universities / Youth: Pierrot Exama

Women Movement: Jessie Ewald Benoit

Human Rights Organizations: Jean-Claude Bajeux

Media: Marckingtoph Casimir

Environment: Elizabeth Deetjeen.