France wants to rebuild Haiti’s economic policy. This is what French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier said over the weekend during a short visit to Haiti. Barnier said that the French forces that are in Haiti have already played an important role in helping establish political peace. He announced an increase in French economic assistance and he praised the French ambassador to Haiti for having prepared this visit and for the way he represents his country. He speaks of the common nature of the Haitian culture and the islands of the French Antilles, Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guiana, and the common roots between Haiti and these countries: “The new era has begun, that of the political, economic and human reconstruction of this beautiful country that is yours. France was present spontaneously, quickly, naturally because it was a question of security and stability. Not alone, once again with other forces. It will continue to be present another way but in a lasting manner.”

Prime Minister Gerard Latortue expressed his satisfaction with the short visit of the French foreign minister to Haiti with the purpose of relaunching cooperation between the two countries. Latortue also expressed satisfaction with the help France plans to provide for electricity. A French expert in electricity is already in Port-au-Prince to assess what he can do in this field: “I believe that it is part of good Haitian traditions not to let a guest of honour leave after his own statements. According to African tradition, it will also be necessary to show you the way out. So, I would like to wish you a good trip, a nice trip back home. I especially wish you to share with the French government, in particular with President Chirac, my thanks for the warm welcome they reserved for me, especially for your quick reaction to the problems of Electricity of Haiti  that I discussed with President Chirac.” Regarding the French consultant on electricity that he requested, he said: “He has come. You know, this is what I like about France. When France is with you, it is totally with you and the reaction was quick. I wanted all of you to know it. This is why I could not let the minister leave without showing him the way out, according to good African tradition, which is also the Haitian tradition. Have a nice trip.”