The U.S. ambassador to Haiti has deplored the fact that the Lavalas party did not designate its representative to the Provisional Electoral Council. James B. Foley has described this political deed by the members of Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s party as self-exclusion. However, the U.S. diplomat hopes the leaders of the Lavalas sectors will change their minds by designating candidates for the various posts which will be at stake during the next elections.

Republican Senator Michael DeWine of Ohio, who is visiting Port-au-Prince, said the U.S. Congress is going to ratify the agreement aimed at facilitating the release of 100m dollars for Haiti. He also reiterated his willingness to contribute to the ratification of the HERO Act (Homeland Emergency Response Operations Act), a bill which grants financial incentives to the private business sector.

Furthermore, DeWine has invited all other donor countries to follow the U.S. example as far as cooperation with Haiti is concerned in order to help this country get out of its difficult situation, according to him.