The Democratic Convergence asks the government to be more careful about the demands of the people. Gerard Pierre-Charles says the slowness of the government, which has taken no action, is leading the people to believe they have the same intention as the former regime. He asks President Boniface Alexandre and Prime Minister Gerard Latortue to take advantage of their positions to advance the cause of the Haitian people. Pierre-Charles says: “I think the men in power must be more careful about the people’s demands, which are the demands of yesterday and today.”

The main leader of the Group of 184 Civil Society Organizations, G-184, describes the behavior of the Council of Eminent Persons, COEP, members towards the members of the government as timid. Andre Apaid asks the COEP to be more watchful and firmer in its relations with the governmental team. Furthermore, Apaid asks the COEP to assume all of its responsibilities in the execution of its duties, in keeping with both the spirit and the letter of the political transition document. Asked about the prime minister’s trip to the United States, Apaid says: “Well, according to what I understand, the prime minister has had some success in the United States. I want to understand more what the success means, whether he has really obtained funds, and when the funds will be released.” He adds: “But there are many, many problems. They must take time to address the problems. This is an extremely important issue. We need answers. We need transparency. We need the COEP to function…. We ask that the COEP assume its responsibilities and play its role. If it has problems, it must let the community know so the community can support it and help it play its role.”