US Ambassador to Haiti James Foley announced on Monday that the Bush administration has authorised the release of a further $100 million for Haiti.

These funds are in addition to the $55 million already committed for this year, as well as $5 million to help run the Organisation of American States (OAS) mission there.

Mr Foley said of the extra $100 million almost $35 million will be used to cover a budgetary gap left by the Jean Bertrand Aristide administration.

The World Bank will grant more than $50 million and the Inter American Bank (IADB) will also pour about $30 million into the Haitian economy by year?s end.

The European Commission (EC) has also made $30 million available while Canada has granted $10 million since February and France has promised to provide funds to help relaunch Haiti’s economy.

Meanwhile, the Chilean president Ricardo Lagos arrived in Spain on Tuesday with an appeal for that country to play a greater role in the Americas by contributing to a planned peacekeeping force in Haiti.

The UN force will be led by Brazil and will include troops from Chile and Argentina. It will be comprised of 8,000 soldiers and police officers who will arrive in Haiti on June 1.