The Lavalas Family party still refuses to appoint its representative to the Provisional Electoral Council and is sticking to its demands about taking part in the electoral process.

At the same time, the party is staging a war against the presence of the interim multinational force in Haiti. According to the party of the fallen regime, France is violating the rights of the great majority of the people. The FL thinks that the deployment of the interim multinational force represents a real shame for the country. FL spokesperson Gilvert Angervil spoke as follows:

“Right from the beginning of the crisis, the FL always thought that it was possible for Haitians to come together to resolve the country’s problems without resorting to foreign intervention.

“But we can understand that within the framework of cooperation between nations, when there is a problem in a country it is possible to find foreign soldiers to come to the concerned country to help restore order.

“Unfortunately, it is in this situation that we have now found ourselves today. At the same time, we have noticed that the arrival of international soldiers on national territory has only served to provide support for a fascist regime in Haiti and support the fact that this regime is excluding a large majority of people in the country, the poorest of the poor, who have no freedom of speech and are represented by the Lavalas Family.

“So, the government that these men are supporting today will exclude the FL from everything that is taking place. They have violated our rights. They have even prevented us from demonstrating and holding meetings because we are under a lot of pressure. So, we say that it is a shame and an attack against the freedom that we won in 1804. The presence of the multinational force and the way these people behave in the country are an attack against our freedom.”