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Neither Jamaica nor Caricom recognise the Latortue government

JLP Foreign Affairs spokesman Bruce Golding said Jamaica and Caricom have failed to take a lead role in restoring democracy to Haiti and by their actions, they have failed to be a part of efforts to restore democracy to Haiti.

Mr Golding slammed regional leaders for what he called their misguided attempt to isolate the interim Government of Haiti.

He said it was obvious that Caricom’s call for an inquiry into the sudden departure of former Haitian President Jean Bertrand-Aristide have gone nowhere.

According to Mr. Golding it is unfortunate that after two meetings Caricom leaders have failed to take a decisive and proactive position on Haiti.

“The OAS is engaged, the UN is engaged and Caricom seems to be the only critical entity in the process that is not engaged,” he said. “I think it is time we become constructively engaged in the process of restoring democracy to Haiti.”

Mixed signals

He said regional leaders are giving mixed signals regarding Haiti for while they have refused to co-operate with the interim Government they have agreed to provide peace keeping forces and the Caribbean Development Bank has been asked to provide economic assistance to the country.

Mr Golding said he hopes that when Mr Aristide leaves Jamaica, Caricom will be more inclined to become actively involved in Haiti?s rebuilding.

Meanwhile, the Jamaican Cabinet is expected to have further discussions on how to deal with the inflow of Haitians.

On Sunday, 47 Haitians arrived in Jamaica bringing the total number to 429.

The Haitians who arrived on two boats claimed they were forced to flee their homeland because of political tensions.