The Group of 184 Organizations of the Civil Society (G-184) is critical of the Latortue government on essential issues such as security, justice, disarmament, and the electricity shortage. The G-184 members, who gave a press conference yesterday, denounced the fact that the Latortue government has not presented any critical assessment of the Lavalas heritage. They have also expressed concern about the increase in the cost of living and the insecurity that is hitting the people. G-184 spokesman Anthony Barbier said that the civil society members do not want a witch hunt, but at the same time they want the authorities to apply the law against all the people who had caused so much harm to the country.

The G-184 also points to the fact that there is an important deficit in communication on the part of the Latortue government. They hope that the government will inform the people about the problems that it is facing in the accomplishment of its mission. They underscore that they do not intend to fight the current government, but that they want to remain vigilant.