Originally: Lavalas Supporter Reveals Palace Involvement in Dominique Murder

19 Apr 04

Port-au-Prince Radio Vision 2000

Former Lavalas people’s organization leader Robinson Thomas, also known as Labanye, has made several revelations about the way the Lavalas government used various citizens in Cité Soleil to carry out dishonest activity in the country. In various statements he has made, Labanye accuses among other people Port-au-Prince deputy mayor Harold Severe of being the person who assassinated Radio Haiti Inter Chief Executive Officer Jean Leopold Dominique. Labanye also accuses Hermione Leonard and Oriel Jean of have been responsible for the acts of violence that occurred during the funeral of  Radio Echo 2000 Journalist Brignol Lindor in Petit-Goave. Thomas’s statements:

My name is Robinson Thomas, also known as Labanye. I have gone to the radio station today to denounce the manipulation of people in Cité Soleil by the Lavalas government so we could do what we were not supposed to do. The Lavalas regime has caused me to lose the trust of Cité Soleil residents. Therefore, I am going to talk about many events that occurred in the country, like the event that happened in Petit-Goave the day of journalist Lindor’s funeral. Ms. Hermione Leonard, Oriel Jean, President Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s security staff contacted many bases in Cité Soleil so we could go to Petit-Goave with them in order to disrupt Lindor’s funeral, so we could beat up and torture those who would shout down with Aristide and then have them shout up with President Aristide. Jean used a Galil to disrupt Lindor’s funeral.

We are going to talk about the Dominique case. Some people have been accused and some people have even been arrested supposedly for having killed Dominique. Poor Dominique! The person who killed Dominique works at the National Palace. It is Deputy Mayor Harold Severe, former mayor of Port-au-Prince. On the day of Dominique’s murder, that is, on 3 April 2000, Severe contacted So Anne (Sister Anne, nickname for Anne Auguste, a staunch Aristide supporter); she contacted the ones nicknamed Cadavre, that is, Franco and Ronald Camille. He told them that they had to do something for him. He gave them a Daihatsu Charade, beige color, and the Cadavre brothers contacted the Kosovo gang leader, who was based in Portail Leogane. His name is Guy Benson, also known as Ti Ponyet. They gave him a Daihatsu Charade so he could carry out the mission. Then, the Cadavres (Camilles) promised him that after the mission they would give him $60,000. After the mission, Benson went down the Delmas Road so that he could get the money from the Cadavres. But they did not even wait for him to say a word. The Cadavres killed him, so he did not have an opportunity to talk about the action. To show you that the Lavalas government believes more in injustice than justice, it even had us go to Piatre. They gave us two Service Plus buses that we had to fill with people who should go to Piatre so that the international community would believe that people in Piatre were asking that former General Prosper Avril be sentenced. Oriel Jean gave us $3,000 for that with the understanding that we should give every unfortunate person between $50 and $100 to demonstrate in favor of sentencing Avril.

Let us now take the 12 July events. Interior Minister Jocelerme Privert called me, Labanye, at 407-5413. He asked me whether I did not see what was going to happen in Cité Soleil. I asked: Minister, what is it? He then asked whether I had heard that the Group of 184 Civil Society Organizations were going to hold a meeting in Cité Soleil and whether I would allow that to happen. I then asked what I should do. He told me that no matter what I must find a way to prevent this meeting from taking place. At 10:00, he asked me if I would let the G-184 enter Cité Soleil and break up Lavalas on 12 July. I told the minister: What do you want me to do for you that day? Minister Privert replied by telling me: No matter what, do not let the G-184 meet inside the premises of Father Bonem. On 11 July, Hermione Leonard called me at 256 and asked me: tell me, Labanye, will you allow this insolence to happen in Cité Soleil? I answered: what insolence? She then told me that she had received orders from the National Palace to disrupt the meeting that the G-184 planned to hold in Cité Soleil. On 11 July at 10 PM, Leonard called me at 256-5909. She brought T-shirts, spray paint, and posters of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide with $200 so we could put up Aristide’s posters. She told us not to leave anything there that belongs to the G-184. We entered and broke the walls. We broke all the chairs. We broke everything and then threw them in the channel. The same day, Fritz Pierre from Saint-Joseph Church tried to call me at 408-2131 on the G-184 issue. He left a message asking me to call him back as soon as possible. I never had an opportunity to call him back. We managed to do everything Lavalas wanted us to do on 12 July because we had to or we would be in big trouble. On the morning of 12 July, at 7 AM, Leonard called me, asking me to gather all the rara bands in Cité Soleil and have them go out. She even sent Chaba, I don’t care—two Bel-Air-based rara bands–to help us prevent the meeting that the G-184 planned to have.

When the Departmental Director of the West police entered Cité Soleil, they fired a lot of shots to make us believe that they were going to enter so that we could prevent the G-184 from entering the Cité Soleil area because they had told us to block the streets by setting up tires so they could not enter.

Radio Vision 2000:
This is an excerpt from the statements made by a former Lavalas OP leader, Thomas, who is also known as Labanye. He has made several revelations about the way Lavalas used citizens in Cité Soleil to carry out dishonest activity in the country. In these statements, Labanye has accused among other people former Port-au-Prince Deputy Mayor Severe of being the person who murdered Dominique, the chief executive officer of Radio Haiti Inter. Labanye has also accused Leonard and Jean of having been responsible for the acts of violence that occurred at the funeral of Radio Echo 2000 journalist Lindor in Petit-Goave. He also talked about the issue regarding the G-184’s Caravan of Hope, pointing out that the Lavalas authorities ordered that this activity be prevented.