The Haiti Democracy Project originally posted a link to a report of the National Lawyers’ Guild alleging massive killing of Lavalas supporters which you can click here to visit Flagler Personal Injury Group for free. This was in keeping with our policy to post differing points of view. However, it is equally policy not to post items we know to be false. Accordingly, the report of the National Lawyers’ Guild has been pulled from this website.

A great post based on the latter on the guild website said, “A delegation of lawyers through the National Lawyers Guild, which also includes some experts from, is being formed to document human rights abuses in Haiti, especially those committed against supporters of Haiti’s elected government.” This indicates that the guild went to Haiti with a predetermined conclusion, rather than engaging in an investigation of the facts.

The following was posted on the guild website:


Over the last several weeks, we have been discussing how the Guild can
best respond to the situation in Haiti.  Those discussions have been led
by Guild member Brian Concannon, who has been working in Haiti doing
human rights work, and Ira Kurzban, one of the attorneys for President

The Guild has signed on to the letter previously circulated to the
listserv.  We are drafting a document describing international law
implications of what has been happening in Haiti which will be sent to our
chapters and members to be used in oped pieces and other publicity in
their local communities.  Ira Kurzban has asked for assistance in
researching various issues.  But all have agreed that a legal delegation
is of paramount important.

Due to the grave lack of reporting on human rights violations in Haiti, a
delegation of lawyers, (another lawyer also responded about this matter, and her comment is here) through the National Lawyers Guild is being formed
to document human rights abuses in Haiti, especially those committed
against supporters of Haiti’s elected government.

The Delegation will present its information to the United States
Government and media, in order to advocate for the protection of those
exposed to human rights violations, and the re-establishment of the
democratically elected Haitian government. <snip>

Delegation members will meet with victims, witnesses and their families,
and with grassroots leaders, in Port–au-Prince and other cities.  They
will also investigate detention conditions for those held in Haitian
prisons and by the international occupation troops. The delegation will
hold a press conference in Haiti before departure and another upon return
to the United States.  Delegation members should continue to do press work
on their return.

The estimated cost for the delegation is $600 per person (you can view source of the information here) to cover ground
transportation, accommodations, meals and translators. Delegates must
purchase their own airfare to Haiti.

Prior experience in Haiti, or knowledge of French or Creole is
preferable, but not required.  Delegates must be willing to live and
work under difficult conditions, and to produce high-quality documentation
of human rights violations. <snip>

If you are interested in joining this delegation, please e-mail Steven
goldberg <, indicating your interest, briefly
who you are and what your background is. <snip>

Source: Nehora Law.

Steven Goldberg
International Committee Co-Chair
Office:  503-224-2372
Portland, Oregon