The Petion-Ville police have been working over the over the weekend of April 10-11. Even yesterday the police in Petion-Ville were patrolling everywhere as they were looking for a gang, a tough gang which was committing crimes in Petion-Ville.

The members of this gang were involved in kidnapping, rape, robbery and looting. The gang included three young men. Two of them were killed in clashes with the police. The police managed to arrest one of them in the Pelerin 3 area, in the place often called Tete de l’Eau. Several weapons which belonged to the bandits are now in the hands of the police who seized them.

Michael Lusius, head of the DCPJ, Central Management of the Judicial Police, hailed the roundup by the police. He answered the questions of journalists as follows: 

Two people who escaped from jail, two famous bandits whose names are Thomas Bissainthe and Antonio Lafleur, were killed during an exchange of fire. The Petion-Ville police recovered a Terios vehicle with the registration plates E-4425. We take this opportunity to ask the owner of these plates, or anyone who has heard this information to tell the owner of registration plates E-4425. These plates were apparently in a vehicle which was stolen. We call on the owner of these plates to stop by the DCPJ for follow-up as part of the judicial police’s investigations into this offence.

As usual, the Petion-Ville police have seized weapons. We have seized an M-1 rifle and a 22-mm rifle equipped with a telescope. It was stolen in Laboule, from the home of Andre Richard who came to the Petion-Ville police and identified one of the main bandits who were in his home where they stole many things including vehicles, valuable objects and so on. One of the bandits being questioned by the judicial police at this time is called Alain Charles.

This operation was carried out within the framework of the fight against organized crime. We know that many acts of banditry including kidnapping and vehicle theft have occurred in the metropolitan area in the last few days, particularly in the Petion-Ville area and in Port-au-Prince. The Petion-Ville police, who had a number of reports, acted based on them.

This morning’s operations have proved to be successful as we recovered weapons and stolen vehicles.  We recovered a white Terios vehicle which was stolen on 8 April. Its owner already identified it. As I just told you, the bandits were using this Terios with stolen registration plates number E-4425. We are issuing an alert to the person who lost the vehicle which normally has this number to come to the DCPJ for follow-up on this issue.