Originally: Summit on Haiit

Summit on Haiti
Friday, 23 April
10:00 ? 15:00
Tulane Law School


Purpose of Program:
The recent events in Haiti, including the American intervention, have brought this political and social crisis into the world spotlight.  The World Affairs Forum at Tulane University has been presented with unparalleled access to leading commentators regarding the legality of the recent intervention and the future prospects for rebuilding Haiti.  Further, we are fortunate enough to have available to speak individuals who experienced the recent crisis first-hand to provide insight into what really happened during these trying times.  We look forward to presenting more insight into the situation in Haiti and the variety of opinions and visions for the future of this important country.

Program (subject to change)
Panel One  10:00 ? 11:45  Subject: Intervention in Haiti
– MODERATOR: Professor Richard Watts, Tulane University
– Dr. William Bertrand, Payson Center, Tulane University
– Professor Pierre Marie Paquiot, President, State University of Haiti
– Mr. Larry Birns, Council for Hemispheric Affairs
– Mr. Herve Saintilus, President, Federation of Haitian University Students
– Mr. Gervais Charles, Attorney, Group of 184
– Mr. Rene Julien, Amicale des Jurists, Haiti

Lunch  12:00 ? 13:00  Break / Lunch for panelists and other invited guests

Panel Two:  13:00 ? 14:45   Subject: Future of Haiti
– MODERATOR: Professor Winston Riddick, Southern University
– Andy Apaid, Group of 184
– James Morrell, Haiti Democracy Project
– Mr. Ira Kurzban, Attorney to Mr. Jean-Bertrand Aristide
– Professor Günther Handl, Tulane Law School
– Ms. Jessica Leight, Council for Hemispheric Affairs
– Professor Heberne Edmond, Professor Southern University
– Mr. Beausejour Jean Coty, Interim National Coordinator for CITPAH

We have confirmed co-sponsorship with:
– Stone Center for Latin American Studies, Tulane University
– Tulane University Law School, Tulane University
– Tulane Law School International Law Society, Tulane University
– Foreign Lawyers at Tulane University, Tulane University
– Tulane Law School Federalist Society, Tulane University
– Payson Graduate Students Association, Tulane University
– Tulane Law School Human Rights Society, Tulane University