Originally: Haitian head of civil society group hails signing of transition agreement

The mandates that were given to both the government and the “council of wise men” (CS)  have comforted everybody on the issues of transparency and neutrality.

The elements of security, of urgent economic and social measures, the fight against corruption and the question of tackling the impunity that has reigned in our country for such a long time and the question of reconciliation among Haitians.

About all these elements, I can say on behalf of civil society and the G-184, which is part of the Democratic Platform, that we want to give our full and complete support to this consensus document and to say that we are partners in helping our country find its way for the good of our eight million fellow citizens and so that Haiti can free itself of all its setbacks that it has experienced. Our country deserves better today.

I think that the ministerial cabinet, the CS, the government, and the Prime Minister’s Office can count on the company, the watchfulness and the constructive criticism of the civil society movement, which wants the transition to be a success and good elections to be held at the end of the tunnel. We are going to make them a success with your help and with God’s help.

In conclusion, I think that I am going to take the opportunity to say that we have to say thanks to so many persons who struggled, simply to say thanks to all those who were injured, the families that had brave citizens, that experienced hard moments jointly with us, these many militants who had to live in hiding for months while trying to express themselves and to find a way forward.

We want a reconciliation process. We also want to say that even though the justice department is proceeding properly we are all ready to accompany this process with serenity and without emotion so that we can find the most appropriate way forward for the country.