Front leader Guy Philippe denounces the fact that reprisals are being perpetrated against individuals who fought for the people. He explains that people who were arrested by Front members in Port-de-Paix and other places in the Northeast have been released. Philippe says members of the Front who occupied these areas even before Aristide left the country were welcomed by the local populations.

He wonders why occupying forces are arresting Front members, and he points out that the Front does not want to have confrontations with the multinational force. He says that policemen who were involved in the repressive system that was established by Aristide are now causing problems. “We in the Front are looking for a better life for the Haitian people,” Philippe says.

Asked about the political consensus reached by the government and the political parties, Philippe says he thinks it is good. He adds that he hopes that those who reached this consensus will work for the country’s interests instead of their own. He also wonders whether the reprisals being carried out against Front members are a way to discourage people who love their country.

Chery points out that Prime Minister Latortue never played down the contributions of the Front members. Asked whether he has control over all Front members, Philippe answers that the Front controls about five geographical departments and that no particular problems have been reported in these areas because the Front members have established discipline.

He denounces the arrest of Robert Jean, a Front member in Port-de-Paix. Furthermore, he says they have nothing to do with politics and that this is the responsibility of the president and the prime minister.