The Haiti Democracy Project’s website presents the activities of the organization and its personnel, as well as the most relevant articles of the Haitian intelligentsia and Haiti-watchers at large. The placing of anyone’s opinion or interview on the page does not imply endorsement. However, we do make an effort to cull the most original and interesting offerings. Because of broad advances in internet technology, the web page no longer seeks to cover the news in general as it is readily available elsewhere. 

The rating system is a convenience to the reader indicating the exclusivity, newness,  importance, and factuality of entries. The criteria in descending order:

  • Items generated by the Haiti Democracy Project (5)
  • Items exclusive to the Haiti Democracy Project
  • Leading products of the Haitian intelligentsia
  • Breaking news
  • Items from out-of-the-way sources less likely to be encountered by our readers in other forums (4)
  • Items of lesser interest but by recognized actors (3).
  • Items of lesser interest or with factual or logical issues (2); rarely posted
  • Items with serious factual or logical issues (1); rarely posted
  • Items that we know to be false are not posted

Given the inescapable subjectivity of some of the criteria, our ratings are posted unobtrusively so that readers can ignore them. Items are posted on the page in chronological order. From time to time, a project-generated item that should have greater prominence may be reposted at the top, where it stays briefly until the relentless march of time again pushes it off the first page.

The website, with 3,800 entries and running, is the largest existing on-line repository of news and views on Haitian political developments. Although the internet news sites have now surpassed us in sheer number of articles, our combination of numbers and depth still make us number one. Ours remains also the most searchable site, with an advanced search engine and a well-ordered menu system not available elsewhere.