Originally: Dany Toussaint says Senate unlikely to find quorum for session

Former Senator Dany Toussaint doubts that the Lavalas representatives will be able to find the necessary quorum to hold a session of parliament.

In an interview with Radio Metropole [this station], Toussaint reveals that some senators are about to leave the country. He takes the opportunity to encourage those that are left to try to find a compromise with the executive branch of the government so that they do not hinder the transition process. Toussaint was speaking at the microphone of Gerard Maxino.

I wonder if there are still 14 senators in the country, because I know that two senators, Myrlande Liberis and Jean-Claude Delice, are out of the country. And I know some senators who are also thinking of going away, just as there are some others who want to resign. I am afraid the Senate may end up having just Yvon Feuille and [Guerrier] Martineau.

[Maxino] There are senators who seem to be determined to hold a session this week. Do you think it will be possible for them to find the necessary quorum to do so?

[Toussaint] No, that will not be possible. As I said before, there are two senators overseas. There are some who are due to leave the country this week. There are others who will not set foot in the Senate any more, just as there are some others who are ready to resign. I do not think that they will be able to get together even 11 senators in order to hold a session.

We are in a situation of anarchy. The constitution is not being applied for now. Besides, the president of the republic was not sworn in before the National Assembly. As for the prime minister, he was appointed by the Council of Wise Men [CS]. So, as I said in my resignation letter, now is the time for people to show their greatness by acknowledging the necessity to offer their participation in order to facilitate the transition that should not last for long.

The purpose of the transition is to normalize the institutions and deal with the urgent needs. It is true that the senators were elected but I think there are ways for the executive government and my other colleagues to find a compromise. I do think that a solution can be found through dialogue and compromise. But the senators should not be mistaken and think that, by holding on to the constitution, they will be able to withstand the pressure, especially because the majority of the people disapprove of the work that they were doing. Because [under the Lavalas regime] the senators tolerated everything that took place. They did not play their role as senators, so why should they want to do so now?

The problem is real but I think that a solution can be found through dialogue and compromise and that all of the senators will finally resign to give the country a chance.

[Maxino] Would you encourage the other senators to resign, just as you did?

[Toussaint] I would not ask them to do the same thing, because we do not see things in the same way. But if they were to do so, then the Haitian people would be pleased with that, I am sure, and would perhaps support them in other elections. It is a personal decision that they will have to make.

They cannot be dismissed or asked to resign, either. But a solution could be found through dialogue and compromise. I think that, under the current circumstances, if somebody likes his country, then he should be willing to offer his participation.