The Lavalas senators continue to defend their posts, despite the departure of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. In declarations made to the press, some senators criticize the Council of Wise Men (CS), which was appointed to exert control over the executive branch of the government. At a time when some sectors are asking for a political decision to be made about the Senate issue, the resignation of Senator Toussaint has only complicated the situation for the senators.

The Democratic Convergence hopes that a political decision will be made as soon as possible to resolve the problem caused by the presence of the 14 remaining Lavalas senators. According to Paul Denis, these elected representatives were at the origin of the political crisis that began in May 2000.

The CS is not able to function now because of the fact that they do not have an office in which to work. After the installation of the new government, the CS members have been forced to stop all consultations relating to the extension of the group under the current circumstances. Professor Christian Rousseau considers the situation of the CS just a week after the installation of the new government to be a shame. Concerning the resignation of Senator Toussaint, CS member Rousseau thinks that the senator made the right decision.