It?s time?to abandon the political lies of the ?foreign? individuals who are losing monetary advantages siphoned from the hard work of our citizenry, the financial aid of the Haitian Diaspora and international community.


And, to think that this abuse is perpetrated by the so-called liberal Democrats, in the face of the despair of THE POOREST COUNTRY IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE!


I guess that their inability to accept the legal resignation of Aristide is due to the fact that there will no longer be any more first-class tickets for ?foreign Aristide supporters from the Senate,? with husband in tow? no more chartered plane for Black Caucus reps or Democratic candidates who know nothing of our history, our suffering and our dreams, and apparently could not care less ? no more oversized payments to lobbyists who do nothing to improve the lots of the Haitian people, the Haitian labor force, the infrastructure, etc? ? no more fat checks for US Councils at the cost of the civil rights abuses in Haiti, and Aristide opponents whose legal efforts to receive political asylum status were blocked for years ? Alas, no more ?grease? money for foreign opportunists while our people starve and are dying of ill-care?lost hope, all the while being labeled ?the poorest country in the hemisphere!?


While Haiti is the poorest country in this hemisphere, it is the fourth largest lobbyists? pay-out country in the world!  And all of you, with your seeming intelligence, your supposed philanthropic spirit, your self-described political expertise, and your own sense of humanity, you truly believe in the outrageous positions that you are presently upholding as to Aristide?s rule of Haiti for over ten years?  Are we, Haitians, to suffer as well at the hands of liberal Democrats pursuing their political agendas against President Bush? Believe us, with our history, we don?t need any more false prophets!


The purpose of the present ?requests? for an investigation about the supposed outrage over Aristide?s resignation?is quite evident?money!


And, we are supposed to believe that all this moral outrage is for a failed dictator, hiding under the guise of a democrat?that everyone in the universe knows to be corrupt, supports drug trafficking, is tortuously oppressive to his opponents and devoid of vision?


This said, Haiti has a new government?a new chance at a true democracy ? a new dawn of its people!


The Money Pit for ?foreign leeches? who couldn?t give a damn about the Haitian people is over?Get over it!


If you can not help our people with justice, real productivity, the rule of law and peace, leave us alone!  We?re tired of those who fight in the name of the Haitian people while filling their wallets? and spurting out propaganda jargon that even they do not believe?


Evelyne Dominique

A Haitian Woman