Mon, 8 Mar 2004 16:41:45 -0800 (PST)

Dear distinguished representatives of the congressional black caucus,
This letter is to express a feeling of deep disappointment among Haitians and Haitian-Americans concerning the actions of certain Democratic congressional members who are using the plight of  the Haitian people for their own political agendas.

At this point in our history, where we are presented with a real chance of building a true democratic country, we find the accusations of certain members of the Black Caucus counterproductive and even inhibitive to the Haitian national unity initiative.
Kidnapping and ?coup d?état? charges emanating from lobbyists and democrats looking to use this issue as a ?ticket item? against the Bush administration in this electoral year is perceived within the Haitian-American community as unimaginative and conniving.
The fact of the matter is that Jean-Bertrand Aristide was unwilling and incapable of creating a political environment conducive to negotiations after years of irresponsible governance. This created a hostile and corrupt government that became ungovernable and endangered the lives of thousands. It was in his best interest as well as in the best interest of the nation for him to resign.
The current turns of events in Haiti are certainly unfortunate. Many have died, countless material damage has been inflicted, and there is flair of political uncertainty in the air. However, one thing that cannot be ignored is the fact that for the first time in years, one can notice a glimmer of hope in the eyes of the rejoicing mass who have been parading in the streets yelling: ?LIBERTY?. This is the Hope for a new Haiti on its way to political stability, economic recovery and most importantly, social renaissance. I only ask for all concerned parties to please be responsible in their actions so that they don?t extinguish our glimmer, but rather help us in this rebuilding process, as Haiti, the first Black republic in the world, needs the help of all willing.
Thank you.
For the League of Young Haitian Professionals 
François Guillaume, Jr. (
 Cc: President George W. Bush
 Cc: Representative Cass Ballanger
 Cc: Secretary of State Colin Powell
 Cc: Assistant Secretary of State Roger Noriega