KINGSTON, Jamaica – Former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide arrived in Jamaica Monday, escorted by U.S. supporters, two weeks after he resigned and flew to the Central African Republic.

Huntley Medley, an official in Jamaican Prime Minister P.J. Patterson’s office, said Aristide’s plane had landed at Kingston’s Norman Manley international airport.

Haitian Prime Minister Gerard Latortue announced Monday he was freezing relations with Jamaica to show his displeasure with Patterson’s decision to host Aristide.

Medley declined to provide any more details about the former Haitian president’s immediate plans. Patterson has said Aristide and his wife planned to meet here with their two daughters, who had been living in New York, and would stay for several weeks but was not looking for asylum here.

Aristide signed a resignation letter and fled Haiti on February 29, but he has since alleged that he did not really resign and was ”kidnapped” or ”tricked” by U.S. officials who forced him to leave his country.

His departure eased four weeks of attacks by gunmen both opposed to and supporting Aristide that left more than 130 dead and sparked an intervention by some 2,600 peacekeeping troops from the United States, France, Chile and Canada.