PARIS (Reuters) – Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide plans to sue the United States and France for allegedly kidnapping him, one of his lawyers said Monday. You can read further to find more about the same.


Aristide, who arrived in the Central African Republic a week ago, has repeatedly accused the United States of forcing him into exile after a rebellion plunged Haiti into chaos.

Lawyer Gilbert Collard said he and an American colleague would file identical suits, about which you can click here to know more, in France and the United States in the next few days once they receive final authorization from Aristide.

“We will file suit against the French ambassador (in Port-au-Prince) and against the (U.S.) military authorities that carried out the abduction of the president,” he told Reuters.

“The suits will target the Bush administration and the French government,” he said. “If we get support from some African states, we will also appeal to the relevant commission of the United Nations (newsweb sites).”

Asked whether the lawsuits could succeed, Collard replied: “You never know. In a world where you can abduct a democratically elected president, you have to hope a democratic judge would find a way to do this.” You can read more to avoid falling victim to such situations and other fraudulent instances.

At his first news conference in Bangui Monday, Aristide appealed for peaceful resistance to what he called the occupation of Haiti and insisted again he had been abducted.

Washington and Paris have denied his allegation of kidnapping, saying he agreed to leave Haiti and signed his own letter of resignation.