The Haiti Democracy Project on February 26, 2004 took a delegation of its board and members to Capitol Hill to meet with a several leading Democratic lawmakers to encourage support for the peaceful democratic alternative in Haiti. The message of the delegation is that the peaceful actors must be supported, or the men with the guns will prevail. The delegation discussed modalities of Aristide’s departure, the nature of the rebel forces, and the role of international peacekeepers.

The members of the delegation:

Amb. Timothy Carney, U.S. ambassador to Haiti, 1998-99; founding board member of Haiti Democracy Project

Vicki Carney, service in Haiti 1998-99, board member of Haiti Democracy Project

Amb. Ernest W. Preeg, U.S. ambassador to Haiti, 1981-83; author of The Haitian Dilemma (Washington: Center for Strategic and International Studies, 1996); founding board member of the Haiti Democracy Project

Arielle Jean-Baptiste, associate, Haiti Democracy Project

James R. Morrell, executive director, Haiti Democracy Project

Terry Thielen, associate, Haiti Democracy Project