Originally: Ex-South Africa Apartheid Force Members of Aristide’s Bodyguards

MEDIA ALERTEx-SA apartheid force members Haitian president bodyguard

By -SABC Jan 6, 2004, 11:53
The South African Broadcasting Corporation says that at least three of South Africa’s former apartheid defence force members are in the Haitian presidential protection unit of President Aristide. Meanwhile, SA president accused of starting 2004 off with a blunder


JOHANNESBURG: The men, who were recruited through a South African agency, work for an American company. Aristide has come under fire from opposition leaders accusing him of spending millions of dollars on the unit. -SABC

Meanwhile, South Africa’s Wits University’s Professor Hussein Solomon says President Thabo Mbeki’s Haitian visit was a diplomatic blunder. Professor Solomon says it’s wrong to link South Africa’s 10 years of democracy with the situation in Haiti, given the mass human rights abuses occurring under the Aristide government.

Moreover, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, South African foreign affairs minister, is expected to consult with Haiti’s major role players on the political situation in the country. Caribbean organisation (CARICOM), is trying to resolve the problems being experienced in Haiti. Bheki Khumalo, the President’s spokesperson, says Dlamini-Zuma will assist wherever possible.

Opposition groups in Haiti will again take to the streets today where they will call for President Jean Bertrand Aristide to step down. They will make known their proposals for a new government. The proposals do not include President Aristide. Tensions have grown in Haiti since elections in 2000, which the opposition says were flawed. President Thabo Mbeki attended independence celebrations last week amid reports of violence.