Originally: Political Unrest: NCHR Reaffirms its Neutrality

The National Coalition for Haitian Rights (NCHR) has learned about an article in the daily newspaper LE NOUVELLISTE, No 36824, of Thursday 11 December 2003, on page 25, in which the stance of a group of organizations from several sectors in society is conveyed through a statement containing six points which call for a general and unlimited mobilization in order to oust President Jean Bertrand ARISTIDE.

NCHR was surprised to find its own name on the list of forty-three organizations that signed the said statement.

NCHR understands the well-founded reasons for this initiative, as well as the relevance of the commitments to which these organizations wish to subscribe, but still believes that NCHR?s prime role consists of informing the national and international public opinion. Despite the grave dangers to which the nation is currently exposed, NCHR, as an organization that defends the human rights, remains politically neutral and will not subscribe to the above-mentioned statement.