Originally: Politicians Toussaint, Sancon Prince withdraw from government

Parliamentarians Dany Toussaint and Pierre Sancon Prince have withdrawn from the Lavalas government. Toussaint says he supports all movements going on against the Lavalas government. He spoke yesterday, December 11, on Radio Kiskeya. Let us listen to his explanations.

You should have been in the streets to see how many Lavalas supporters we mobilized to take part in the demonstration. In the demonstration there were many Lavalas supporters who do not agree with what is going on. The Lavalas logic is what they had us swear to uphold: democracy, human rights, human development, justice, transparency and participation. We have seen that none of these are carried out.

We have realized that we are faced with the power of one man. We have moved back to a state of nature where men are wolves against men, where people are killing one another, where people are fighting one another.

We think that the time has come to stop that. There are people in the country who can stop it and we shall stop it. This means that we shall take part in all mobilizations going on to stop that.

I gave the government a chance. I told it to watch out and make sure the train is on the right track. But instead of putting the train on the right track, it has done what it did on December 5 (violence by Lavalas supporters against protesting students in Port-au-Prince). As from today, I do not want anybody to associate my name with the Lavalas Family (FL).

Radio Kiskeya:  This means you are no longer a member of FL?

Toussaint: That is it.