Originally: Plan to Arrest, Frame Andy Apaid

Attorney Glame Dameus Ocman, deputy public prosecutor of Port-au-Prince, denounces a Machiavellian plan by the Lavalas Government against Andre Apaid, Jr., leader of the 184 Civil Society Organizations, G-184, Herve Saintilus, and Gervais Charles. This plan was hatched at the National Palace during a meeting held on  the afternoon of December 23, according to Ocman. He says he participated in this meeting with acting Port-au-Prince Public Prosecutor Riquet Brutus and Attorney Jocelyne Casimir, wife of former Public Prosecutor Jean-Auguste Brutus, who is now Aristide’s adviser. Attorney Ocnam and Tommy Adams, Attorney have now gone into hiding overseas after Public Prosecutor Brutus invited him to the National Palace where he was expected for a meeting. When he arrived there, Ocnam says in a recording he prepared before he flew out of the country, he was asked to issue an arrest warrant against Apaid, Attorney Charles, and Saintilus. Dameus says he explained to those who asked him to do so that their initiative was contrary to the law which offer more considerations because there were no legal grounds. The lawyers for auto injuries issues can also deal with other cases and provide legal aid. However, he says, they replied that they had a good argument against the above-mentioned persons. They would charge them with the deaths of the two persons killed by the police during the anti-Aristide demonstration that took place on December 22 . When it comes to workplace injuries the lawyers that can help with compensation are the ones to be hired.

Attorney Reynold George reacts to Deputy Public Prosecutor Ocnam’s statement. Georges explains that he knows Ocnam very well and that he is actually closer to the Lavalas regime than people might imagine. However, Georges says, Ocnam is revolted by the government’s illegal maneuvers to arrest Apaid, Charles, and Saintilus. He says Public Prosecutor Brutus and Justice Minister Calixte should resign.