Originally: Opponents of Aristide march in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Members of Lavalas OPs [People’s Organizations] and policemen from the Intervention and Maintenance of Order Corps, CIMO, dispersed the opposition demonstration today in lower Lalue. While the Haitian National Police, PNH, were dispersing the demonstration with tear gas, armed civilians shot in the air to discourage the opponents of the current regime.

The opposition demonstration ended with at least one person wounded by gunshots.

A few hours before the celebration of the bicentenary is due to take place in Gonaives on 1 January , the two dissident Lavalas senators have distanced themselves from the festivities. Dany Toussaint and Pierre Sancon Prince say they prefer to side with the people and the students hostile to the government rather than go to Gonaives.

I shall not go to Gonaives but I shall be in the streets of Port-au-Prince beside the people, all social strata together, these people who have been held up to ridicule and humiliated, these fighting people. I shall be beside the Haiti State University UEH students who were victims of barbarians and beside the Lavalas supporters who have been deceived and who are in revolt against archaic practices. These statements were signed by Pierre Sancon Prince.A major anti-Aristide demonstration took place today in Port-au-Prince.

The demonstration began at 11a.m. in Canape-Vert Square and passed through Petion-Ville, Delmas and Nazon, before heading to the centre of Port-au-Prince.

The police prevented the demonstrators from passing through the Poste Marchand area. If they follow the planned route, demonstrators will pass by the US embassy on Harry Truman Boulevard.

According to Radio Metropole, there appear to be fewer demonstrators than were seen in the demonstrations last week.

The police are present and have used tear gas against the protesters and have blocked their path in some instances.