Originally: Education minister resigns in protest regarding 5 December violence

It has now been confirmed. The national education minister has put an end to the rumors that she had allegedly resigned. The resignation has been confirmed.

Marie-Carmelle Paul Austin has withdrawn from the head of the ministry. The minister made this decision following the barbarous acts – according to her own words – which took place at the Faculty of Social Sciences (FASCH), and INAGHEI (National Institute for Administration and Advanced International Studies) on Friday,  December 5. Members of Lavalas people’s organizations went to destroy, shoot and beat up students, the rector and the vice rector of the school.

Austin said clearly that she condemned the conniving attitude of the police during the event. It should be recalled that Austin, who took part in a news conference with the prime minister and Jean-Gerard Dubreuil, the secretary of state for public security, said that she maintains her position, that she condemns and does not understand this attitude.

The Neptune government now lacks a member of the cabinet. Austin says she will remain in office to deal with day-to-day matters until tomorrow, Friday, December 12, before she withdraws for good from the Lavalas regime.