Originally: Communiqué de Presse du Parti Socialiste Français

November 24, 2003


While President Aristide’s ambition was to have more democracy, in fact a dictatorship has been put in place

in Haiti for many years.

In spite of the initiatives of the OAS and the UN, President Aristide is intolerant of any criticism and is not about to open any political space that would benefit the opposition and civil society.

The SP vigorously denounces the repression that accompanied the peaceful demonstration of November 14 during which 23 participants were arrested and others were wounded by the police or pro-Aristide militias.

All attempts towards mediation or reconciliation having failed, Aristide’s departure seems to be the only chance to redirect this country towards democratic transition.

The SP supports the political parties and civil society in their quest for freedom and democracy.

The International Secretariat of the French Socialist Party