The Haiti Democracy Project is sending a mini-delegation to observe the November 14 rally that has been called by a civil-society coalition, the Group of 184. Each of the members has had experience in observing in Haiti for international organizations. The members of the delegation currently are:

Marie Marcoux
        Human-rights observer for MICIVIH, U.N. Civilian Observers’ Mission in Haiti, 1995-99
        Contractor with International Foundation for Election Systems, 2003
        Contractor with Agency for International Development to prepare review of Haitian judicial system, 1993

James R. Morrell
        Executive director, Haiti Democracy Project
        Founder and research director, Center for International Policy 1975-2002
        OAS observer of 2000 legislative elections
        Member of President Aristide’s party, Governors Island, 1993
        Haiti Democracy Project, 2303 17th St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20009

The delegation arrived on Thursday, November 13 and left on November 15.