Senator Danny Toussaint — an influential Lavalas MP, former member of the

military and head of the interim police force following President Aristide’s

return from exile — gave a serious warning to President Aristide, to whom he

was once very close.

“Beware, for the road you are taking is not a good one,” declared the senator

in an interview with a private radio station, Radio Vision 2000.

Senator Toussaint denounced in Creole “the solitary power of a man who

controls everything and whose current path leads to dictatorship.”

On Friday for his part the head of the reformist wing of the Lavalas party,

Senator Pierre Sonson Prince, had issued a warning to that political party

asking that it reform itself lest it loses power.

This warning is elaborated in a book entitled, Haiti: The State of Shock

that the senator presented to the press and the public.

“Without a change of direction, without the rejection of

certain of its practices that belong in a museum, Lavalas will no longer enjoy the

support of the population and that will be the end of the experiment,”

warned the senator.

In his book, the senator condemns the illicit enrichment, corruption,

insecurity, violence and  authoritarianism while stating his opposition to

the premature departure of President Aristide as a solution to the crisis.