12. The Haiti Democracy Project says they will send a delegation to observe today’s demonstration. The delegation should have arrived yesterday, according to diplomatic sources. Signal FM has learned from reliable sources that many foreign delegations have entered the country to monitor this demonstration.

2. The Group of 184 civil society organizations, G-184, headed by Andre Apaid, will stage a demonstration in Champ de Mars, Port-au-Prince, today at noon. Several sectors of national life have expressed support for this demonstration.

3. Paul Raymond, leader of the Saint-Jean Bosco Grassroots Church Communities, TKL, announces that a counterdemonstration in favour of President Aristide will be staged also in Champ de Mars today.

4. Hinche correspondent Jacques Dieumeny: In order to prevent misdemeanours in Hinche on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the founding of the city, Departmental Delegate Bazelais Francois has forbidden any and all demonstrations against Aristide until 2 January 2004. Francois says it is necessary to observe a truce in order to venerate the national heroes. Nothing has been done so far to indicate that there will be celebrations, even though the delegate says they are preparing to celebrate Hinche’s 500th anniversary.

5. Report by Kenson Jean-Louis live from Rue Saint-Honore, Champ de Mars, Port-au-Prince, where the G-184 will hold the demonstration they announced. Barriers have been set up to keep cars from entering the area where the demonstration is supposed to take place at noon today. However, no particular security measures have been taken, and no policemen are observed in the area. Schools located near the Champ de Mars area have decided to close today for security reasons, but other schools seem to be functioning normally.

6. Apaid, who was answering questions on the latest steps taken within the framework of the preparations for today’s demonstration, said yesterday afternoon that he was unable to see the director general of the Haitian National Police, PNH. Apaid says: “Everybody must be patient. Everybody must be patient, because you can see that, this morning, searches are going on, are being carried out by the police. Everybody must be patient. Everybody must show determination and solidarity.” On the way to the city, at the Canape-Vert corner, you will realize that searches are being carried out, but the citizens should not be discouraged. They should be patient, Apaid says.

7. Prime Minister Yvon Neptune comments on the demonstration announced by the G-184 for today. He says the police have taken measures to protect the demonstrators. He adds that if the demonstrators behave properly, it is the duty of the police to give them proper protection. If they do not behave, it is quite normal that the police will intervene to restore order. He says all citizens can exercise their freedom in accordance with the law. He adds that, within the rule of law that he wants to establish, every freedom, every behaviour must comply with the law.

9. Signal FM announces a live interview with Rene Civil, leader of Youth for People’s Power, JPP, who announces that his group will participate this morning in the demonstration against Aristide.

10. Deputy Rudy Heriveaux opposes the demonstration announced by the G-184. He describes the members of the G-184 as “individuals – I mean the G-184 – who want to continue their work of destruction.” He says the social contract advocated by the G-184 is unconstitutional.

11. Monsignor Luigi Bonazzi, the representative of Vatican in Haiti, expressed his solidarity with the Haitian people. He urges Haitians to use this day to show they want dialogue. He says among other things: I will accompany this demonstration in my heart and my spirit.