Originally: Résolution 822: Aristide ne peut pas sécuriser pour le Conseil électoral de consensus.

Resolution 822: Aristide cannot make safe for the electoral Council of consensus.


By Cyrus Sibert, Maximum Radio, Cape-haitien, Haiti.


From the 19 Seven to October 31, 2003, the PNH did not carry out all the orders of President Aristide.


October 31, 2003, J-b Aristide, in an innocent declaration, admists the truth: it does not order the forces of safety; the application of resolution 822 of the OAS cannot depend on him; when it asks the National police force of Haiti to make safe, the police officers return in rebellion, they do not obey more the orders of the President.


Indeed, in a note of press of the Embassy of the USA appeared on October 21, 2003, the USA require of the PNH to respect the instruction of the President of the Republic of Haiti which, September 19, 2003, intimated the order to the police force to protect the rights of all Haïtiens to be expressed and to express peacefully. Poor Foley, it trusts the words of Jean-Bertrand Aristide.


From September 19, 2003 to October 31, 2003, none the peaceful demonstrations claiming the departure of the head of the State was made safe by the police force. The members of C$Op lavalas, as usual, occupy the places of gathering.


The demonstrators anti-Aristide are beaten and maltreated. In Gonaïves, the violences exerted by the partisans of the capacity resulted in the death of a young man. In all the cases the popular members of organizations (C$Op), the henchmen of the capacity and “attaches” of the police force, break, wound and kill with protection and assistance of the National police force of Haiti.


One month and half after a solemn declaration of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the PNH makes the opposite. October 31 last Aristide points out the instruction of September 19, 2003. It is trustful that the USA and the OAS will believe it. Usually, these diplomats nicely observe and await the achievement in fact like the assassination of political opponents, to express their regret. According to Aristide “these idiots of white believe on word”. Word without works, that is enough for them. Moreover, it goes since 1994.


It is clear that Jean-Bertrand Aristide controls all the intrigues of the members of C$Op and that police force (PNH) received the strict order to take part in famous Opération ‘ ‘ vice – ‘ popular shield ‘ ‘. This operation aims at preventing any demonstration anti-Aristide. It was launched officially by two heads of C$Op Rene Civil and Paul Raymond, two influential henchmen of the capacity lavalas. The aforementioned operation is coordinated by police chiefs of Police force, former members of the body of safety brought closer to the President, former fanatics attached to the palates.


However, which it is necessary to deduce from this tactic, it is that one has no guarantee of safety with Jean-Bertrand Aristide with the Capacity: not possible to have good elections with JB Aristide.


Like scenario in prospect:

The men of the mode marked of crimes and implied in illegal activities must protect themselves from justice. They will seek to integrate the legislative power in order to profit from the parliamentary privilege. These barons lavalassiens have their gangs armed. Therefore, each Gang will have its candidates and its geographical areas of influence. The police force, as usual, will support the gangs. Aforesaid the gangs will organize the electoral frauds. The international observers, not being able to control all the own territory, will say that there were certainly some irregularities; but as a whole, the elections were free, honest and democratic. The OAS will take care not to protest. The gangs will draw up barricades ignited to require the results. The primature will publish results different from those of the STOCK George W Bush will be in full election campaign. The Blanche house will be forced to be satisfied with the behaviour of the electoral tournaments in Haiti. ‘ ‘ Box closed ”, Convergence will be taxed with bad loser. A new electoral crisis with the eyes of the world will appear absurd. The way will be finally free. And then, lavalas will be sure to gain the presidential elections of 2005, because the opposition will not return there in string. Yvon Neptune perhaps elected to 99.99% of the 10% of the voters. The OAS will not have a problem. A new crisis calls upon a new mission. An opportunity moreover for bureaucrates of the hemispherical organization.


Whereas the police force and the members of C$Op support their candidates, Jean-Bertrand Aristide will continue to make beautiful statements on the respect of the civil laws and political, on the freedom of expression. It is what, already, he wants to do to believe: “I am not responsible for the intrigues of the police force. I will be there for nothing.” The international community having ensured it of the respect of its disputed mandate, Aristide does not have any motivation. It does not have anything to lose, it can play eternally. Already, it has fun with diplomats like David Lee and James Foley.


When certain agents of the PNH want to act according to the law, one gives them the order nothing to make. The men of Aristide are well placed in the hierarchy to slow down the single force of operational public safety.


The political practice of JB Aristide consists to say a thing and to make the opposite of it.

In 1994, Aristide said: “No BLOOD, NO VIOLENCE, PEACE AND COILS”. For nine (9) years we have lived the opposite in Haiti.


In 1994 Aristide spoke about the respect of the laws, of the separation of the capacities and civil and political freedoms. Last nine (9) years after it is the opposite: the laws are violated, we live in autocracy, Haïtiens are taken in ‘ ‘ an Operation Vice ” violating their freedoms of expression. 


Let us analyze the order given to the police force by the head of the State and the results (of this kind). Without lawsuit of intention, we can deduce that Aristide does not control the PNH. Six weeks after the solemn instructions of the head of the State, the PNH does not obey. Doesn’t Aristide want to launch a message to the international community? The police force is indexed by JB Aristide. Isn’t the tenant of the national Palate, taken with the traps? Don’t the State major of the PNH and the heads of gangs related to the capacity seek to perpetuate impunity until being unaware of the instructions of the head of the State? Doesn’t Aristide seem to act to attract the providential intervention of the international community? Cleared by the OAS, doesn’t it seek to be protected by showing the others not to respect its democratic wills?


Easy way or not, Aristide gives the proof that it can nothing make to improve safety. There cannot be good elections in Haiti in this climate of violences. Indeed, impossible to make safe the country with an irresponsible president who does not control the police force. The opposition is right to require its departure of the capacity.


Then, failure in the USA, the OAS and all the countries which believe capacity to apply resolution 822 in Haiti with Aristide.


The violences recorded in Gonaïves prove the level of autonomy, armament and the capacity of harmful effect of ‘ ‘ a gang lavalas ” of provincial town. What would one say those of Port-with-prince, the political and economic Capital of Haiti? The State is émietté, one needs its reunification. Too many zones of not-right in the country. How can one think election by the vote for all under these conditions? In the Cape-Haitien, the Deputy Nawoon Marcellus affirms on Radio Africa: “Each man of the capacity has his fedayins (Iraqi militiamans)”.

Can one organize democratic elections in Afghanistan with the army of the talibans and the heads of war? Won’t each head of war seek to influence the poll? Then why do we have to go to the ballot boxes to Haiti with heads of gangs and a fanaticized police force? It is obvious that the concept ‘ ‘ safety absolute ” does not exist. However, in Haiti the insecurity desired and is organized by the State through gangs related to the capacity lavalas. And that goes without saying, a State which refuses safety cannot organize good elections.

An autonomous resistance men of the capacity and Police force results from their implication in exactions, violations of human rights, illicit activities. The statu quo and the capacity place from there depend on it.


As in Gonaïves, the instructions of Aristide can go only in one direction: to perpetuate impunity, tyranny lavalassienne. Indeed with the eyes of the heads of gangs, the President is not innocent, therefore it is illegitimate to order to them to go in prison. It is the case to wonder whether it still controls its base. Can it tackle impunity and judge his/her former collaborators? Can it create a sedentary climate in the country for good elections which would endanger the statu quo? Can one logically count on Jean-Bertrand Aristide for the application of resolution 822? He can only liquidate his heads of popular organizations.


All was known as. They are the diplomats who insist in favour of the mode in place. April 6, 2003, the General manager of the Ministry for the interior had declared on the waves of Radio operator Come FM, Cape-haitien, that the capacity lavalas cannot be allowed to cut the branch on which it sat. Mr. Bell Angelot in benefitted to plead in favour of an immunity to the profit from the heads of C$Op and civils servant of the State. Thus the diplomats, a little good direction, Aristide cannot tackle impunity, it cannot organize free electoral competitions. He does not have the capacity to bring into play the statu quo: tyranny lavalassienne. Aristide will not tackle – it cannot attack legally – the bases of his capacity: armed gangs, the PNH, the impunity and of the fraudulent election

To wait of Aristide whom it creates the conditions of safety for the training of the Electoral Council of consensus is to wait of Mulla Homma in Afghanistan of the actions against terrorism, the arrest of the Al members Quaeda, the eviction of Ben Laden.


To count on the CARICOM like supreme authority with right of veto on the decisions of Washington relating to Haiti, it is to hope on the Arab League to act as Iraq.


Not to support the democratic Opposition is not to support Palestinian the Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (an open man ready to negotiate with the Israelis).


The mercenary attitude seems to erode the good direction of the great democracies. Then we repeat: the Parliament is a refuge for the criminals and corrompus of the capacity. With Jean-Bertrand Aristide with the national Palate, they will make very to reach the Parliament. Aristide cannot order to them to expose the mode to the organization of free, honest and democratic elections. Aristide is not innocent to ask them to go in prison. He cannot disarm them, he will not be able to make safe the country for good elections. Let us cease wasting our time. We need good elections, official institutions of control, good a gouvernance for the economic growth and a reduction of poverty.