Originally: Solidarity Letter for David Apaid

Dear Senator Graham:
Once again, the Haitian Government has done a disservice to the cause of democracy by allowing its partisans to violently attack participants at a peaceful demonstration meant to protest the current human rights situation in the country last Friday, November 14, 2003. Another of the Government?s highhanded tactics in that occasion has been to detain 23 participants on the false pretense that they were in possession of illegal weapons. While 21 of those arrested have been released after three nights in jail, David Apaid and his uncle Charles Baker remain in the hands of the Haitian authorities for no justifiable reason.
We urge you to pressure the Haitian authorities to release our friend, cousin, and former teammate David Apaid today. David is a model youth who opted to return to Haiti following his graduation from American University in 2003, to work in his family?s manufacturing operations, helping to create jobs for the men and women of his country. His presence in last Friday?s peaceful protest was meant to express his support for a better Haiti.
Senator Bob Graham, we urge you to help stop the Haitian Government?s tight grip on the basic freedoms of the people of Haiti.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,

Tara Nicolas [tavarnum@aol.com]
Yanick Brierre [ybrierre@worldbank.org]
Franck Pierre
Lyssa Piquion [lyssabelle@aol.com]
Youri Boulos
Sandy Fombrun
Sandy Fombrun
Rebecca Bayard
Pascale Gerdes
Naike Vorbe
Kristina Fombrun
Anaise Manuel
Fabien Apaid
Fabien Apaid
Elodie Manuel
Elodie Dupuy
Daniel Allien Jr.
Claudia Prato
Christian Dominique
Anouk Sassine