At a meeting of the OAS Permanent Council today, Assistant Secretary-General Luigi Einaudi presented a report of the secretary-general on the situation in Haiti. He said one major positive step had been taken and one major negative one. The positive step was the normalization of relations between Haiti and the international financial institutions, particularly the Inter-American Development Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The negative development was the continuation and acceleration of polarization. In that regard, Ambassador Todman had reported that it was impossible at the present time to secure agreement on a consensual CEP.

Ambassador Einaudi found a positive and negative in the polarization as well. Positive was that the Haitian government accepted its responsibilities with alacrity, but lacked the means to implement. The opposition was another story. This was an opposition that was good at insisting on its rights but lax on assuming its responsibilities.

Ambassador Einaudi did not mention the repression of the November 14 demonstration.


(Not verbatim, just the gist, as recorded by James R. Morrell at the OAS.)