Originally: Still up against the death plan in Haiti: the Aristide government is straitjacketed by U.S. low-intensity warfare and neoliberal economic demands

Webmaster’s note: The false statements about the Haiti Democracy Project are reproduced below. The entire article will be reprinted, although it is replete with similar falsehoods, if we receive permission from the editor of Dollars and Sense. 


   This July, even the departing U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, Brian Curran, lashed out against some U.S. political operatives, calling them the “Chimeres of Washington” (a Haitian term for political criminals). The most recent of these Chimeres have been associated with the Haiti Democracy Project (HDP), headed by former State Department official James Morrell and funded by the right-wing Haitian Boulos family. In December 2002, the HDP literally created from whole cloth a new public relations face for the official opposition, the “Coalition of 184 Civic Institutions,” a laundry list of Haitian NGOs funded by USAID and/or the IRI, as well as by the Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce and other groups.